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The Hamilton Family fonds

Do you like Creepy old photos of Creepy old people doing Creepy old stuff? Then read on.

Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton began to experiment with psychic phenomena in his home in Winnipeg, Canada shortly after the death of his son in 1918. His aims were: to investigate “paranormal phenomena such as rappings, psychokinesis, ectoplasms, and materializations under scientific conditions that would minimize any possibility of error”. He amassed records and kept material pertinent to his investigations into the numerous aspects of spiritualism until his death in 1935, where his legacy was then continued by his wife, Lillian.

The records they kept of their findings and experiments were gathered in various formats such as scrapbooks, automatic writings, newsclippings, books, photographs, glass plate negatives and catalogue a variety of subjects such as “rappings, clairvoyance, trance states and trance charts, telekinesis, wax moulds, bell-ringing, transcripts and visions, as well as teleplasmic manifestations”.

A selection of the photographic plates – which, it must be said are very much ‘of their time’ and show the typical ‘cheesecloth’ ectoplasm apparently emerging from the medium’s nose and mouth – can also be seen on YouTube (below).

I found this at: Damn Data

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