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kids stay home or you stay home

November 29, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Employee number one brings two preschool aged children to work because one had a cold and babysitter won’t take them.

Employee number one ask employee number two to keep a eye on said children because employee number one has a meeting.

Employee number one leaves.

Employee number two does the best a person can to entertain and watch the children in a office setting with people on phones and others trying to get work done with one of the children is very loud and loves to SCREAM NOOO! when asked to use a inside voice or CRY when it is not given its way.

After 3 hours of SCREAMING, CRYING, and NOOOOO!  Employee one comes back from the meeting and boast how the children went right to sleep after making them lay down.

Why couldn’t employee number one or there spouse stay at home with the children?  Because they are trying to make a living and the would be so inconvenient!

They see no problem of the inconvenience pushed on employee number two and every other employee on that side of the building who are trying to make a living.

Kids stay home or you stay home – nuff said

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