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Actual Factual Dracula

Teresa Bane
“Actual Factual Dracula”
The first definitive catalogue of vampires that has been compiled in the last 300 years. This book is a field guide for vampire enthusiasts worldwide! Vampirologist Theresa Bane has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s documentary “Twisted History: Vampires” for her knowledge and expertise on the undead. Author of the upcoming Actual Factual series – historical compendiums for demons, angels, fairies, and places and items of lore – Bane’s first book, Actual Factual: Dracula, A Compendium of Vampires will be released next spring. In the meantime, Bane continues to travel, educating audiences about the differences between traditional mythology and horror fiction. Bane is also the author of The Bloodthirsty Weasels: On the Loose and Buck Wild, a dark humor book, and is currently at work cataloguing the mythology of supernatural spirits and unexplainable forces. From the New York/New Jersey area, she now resides in North Carolina. You can see her site

Listen to her interview with the guys from WOTU Podcast by Clicking Here!

Interview originally by: www.worldoftheunexplained.com

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