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What is it going to be Christian or Occultist?

December 31, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

My opinion is that if you believe in what you read in the Bible or proclaim to be Christian then you have no business dabbling in the paranormal. Because you’re already hooked up with the J.C man with the plan. You know how it’s going to end right?!? Anything else is pretty much blasphemy.

So I was thinking that I’m pretty safe as a pagan to listen to a Pod-Cast about the Paranormal. The short answer is Nope.

I recently listened to a Pod-Cast of a on site haunting investigation. Right in the middle of explaining the happenings of this paranormal hot spot. The host a proud Christian, if he says so himself, spouts his contempt for the “Left Wing / Political Correct / Gay” conspiracy between drags on his cigarette. Whoa! back the Ecto-1 up. What does this have to do with anything paranormal. Plus what ever happen to not serving two masters. Who is stronger God or Nicotine? Not a very good witness in my opinion.

Then icing on the cake is the promo for the Pod-Cast. I don’t remember it word for word but it had to do with a Warning “this pod-cast may offending Wiccans and Pagans and some other crap because they are the God and Guns Paranormal Pod-Cast.” Talk about S**ting were you eat. I mean come on, with out pagans you wouldn’t have the paranormal.

If we all believed in the Christian bible everything paranormal would be of the Devil and anybody thinking different would be burnt at the stake and we all could go home. You Christians are welcome into our “paranormal backyard” but don’t start spouting your social and political agendas. Save it for Sunday.

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