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Back on the Main Land

October 31, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

HawaiiAfter a nine hour flight and being up for two days the family, familars and I are back in the casa. Lots of work a little play and some local culture made last week a great trip. I have put up some more of the pics of the trip and below I did a little research of the local Dieties.

Major Dieties

Kane – the creator

Ku – the architect and maker of war

Lono – god of peace and prosperity, wind and rain

Kanaloa – god of the ocean.

Gods in the Realm of Death (Po)

Akea – first Hawaiian king who founded a kingdom in the afterlife.

Milu – suceeded Akea.

Manua – supreme soverign of Po, the spirits of chiefs and priests live within him.

Celestial Dieties

Kaonohiokala – dead chiefs are brought to him in the eyeball of the sun

Kuahairo – Kaonohiokala’s messenger

Olopue – a god on Maui who brought the dead chiefs to Kaonohiokala

Pele – Goddess of the Volcano

Pele had five brothers and eight sisters who did her bidding, among them:

Kamooalii – King Moho, the god of steam.

Keuakepo – god of rain of fire.

Hiiakawawahilani – the cloud holder.

Keoahikamakaua – the child of war.

Gods and Goddesses of the Natural World

Laamaomao – god of winds, lives on Molokai.

Hinakuluiau – goddess of rain.

Mooaleo – a gnome who lives on Lanai.

Kuula – god of fishermen – his wife is Hina.

Ukanipo – the shark god of Hawaii.

Moaalii – the shark god of Molokai and Oahu.

Apukohai – shark god of Kauai.

Haulili – god of speech.

Koleamoku – god of the art of healing – patron of the kahunas.

Lakakane – god of the hula.

Mokualii – god of canoe makers.

Ulaulekeahi – god of distillers.

Gods and Goddesses of Arts and Professions

Kalaipahoa – goddess who harms trees.

Kuahana – god who kills men.

Lie – goddess of the mountains.

Kiha – a goddess of Maui.

Uli – god of sorcerers.

Hiaka – a mountain god on Kauai.

Ouli – god who could kill people if prayed to.

Mahulu – names of gods in Lono’s temples.

Puea – a god worshipped in darkness.

Kaluannuunohonionio – a god of a temple’s sacrificial house.

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