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Top 5 software you need to try in 2006

Take a look the Screaming 8 Designs Top 5 software you need to try in 2006.
Firefox – Web browser

If you never surfed the Internet using Firefox then you haven’t surfed. Two words tab browsing. Open multiple web pages on one browser window and switch between them with just one click. Granted I have run into a couple of websites that didn’t work right in Firefox but with the Internet Explorer plug-in the problem was taken care of.

Thunderbird – Email Client

This is by the same people that brought you Firefox. It has the usual things like IMAP and POP mail protocols, junk mail controls, spell check and HTML formatting, check the email. It offers multiple accounts as well as a global inbox. So separating my business from my personal e-mails is a breeze. The part I really like is the built-in RSS capability. It has become a one-stop shop for my daily information and correspondence.

Flickr – Online Photo viewing and storing

I started using Flickr to show my photos that I took from my cell phone, which is as easy as setting up a e-mail address on your cell phone, but now I have started to use it to view and store pics taken by my digital camera. Yahoo owns it so your Yahoo account user name and password can be used for you Flickr account. I like this because that is one less password I have to remember.

Widgets – Small Desktop Apps.

Yes it is a little early for spring-cleaning tips but I have found just the thing for us that want to clean up and bring a little class to our Windows Desktop, I recommend the Widget. Widgets are small apps that sites on your desktop. You can get fun & game widgets, Internet widgets, geek widgets, news widgets and sight & sound widgets.

Itunes – Music, Video and Pod casting

If you have a favorite Pod casting or your looking for a favorite you need to start with iTunes. With iTunes you can find the latest audio and video pod cast. Subscribe and have the Pod cast automatically updated. Just a note – You don’t need a ipod to enjoy the benefits of itunes.

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